Offline pledge request form

Pledges to campaigns on Spacehive are normally made on our platform using Stripe. This is a secure system that ensures funds are only released to projects once we know enough has been raised.

If you are the recipient of funding from a source that cannot use our platform to pledge to your campaign, then in exceptional circumstances we may allow you to have these funds recognised on your crowdfunding page, provided that the following conditions are met:

  • You must demonstrate that you either hold the funds (e.g. a bank statement), or have confirmation that you will receive them (e.g. a grant award letter). Please send this evidence to with the subject 'offline pledge evidence' in the subject line. /li>
  • If you are receiving a grant, then your evidence for this must clearly state that the funding is for the project you are crowdfunding for.
To make this request, please complete the form below. You MUST also send supporting evidence. We cannot accept a request that does not include anything to back it up.